WaterGate 6"H X30'L Flood Barrier

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Part Number:QDWGWL-0630


Water Gates for Land Use: Protection from 6in to 5ft high
Available in 30ft & 50ft connectable lengths

Portable Water Dams deploy with minimal time & labor - NO NEED TO PRE-FILL WITH WATER 
Rises with the flow of oncoming water
Water-Gates unfold & rise with the flow of oncoming water
Reusable system for years of protection
TM Patented

Storage & Deployment Crates (Available Sold Separately)

Water-Gate - WL Sizes:    

Item #            Height x Length   Price: Qty 1

QDWGWL-0630 6in x 30ft      $ 1,300.00
QDWGWL-1430 14in x 30ft       1,800.00
QDWGWL-1450 14in x 50ft       2,800.00
QDWGWL-2030 20in x 30ft       2,100.00
QDWGWL-2050 20in x 50ft       3,200.00
QDWGWL-2630 26.5in x 30ft    2,450.00
QDWGWL-2650 26.5in x 50ft    3,800.00
QDWGWL-3230 32in x 30ft       3,600.00
QDWGWL-3250 32in x 50ft       5,600.00
QDWGWL-3930 39in x 30ft       4,950.00
QDWGWL-3950 39in x 50ft       8,050.00
QDWGWL-5030 50in x 30ft       7,350.00
QDWGWL-5050 50in x 50ft     11,850.00
QDWGWL-6030 60in x 30ft       9,800.00
QDWGWL-6050 60in x 50ft     15,400.00

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