CREE Tactical Flashlight

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  • Heavy Duty: This flashlight is created with a metal casing. This allows for it to both be DURABLE and can as weapon in self-defense. Even with the metal casing, it is LIGHTWEIGHT, only weighing 7.2 oz and that is with the batteries in!
  • AAA Batteries: In an emergency, you want a flashlight that can take batteries that are commonly available. While CREE LED flashlights are known for providing super bright light, they can be a challenge replacing batteries as many of them require special kind of batteries. Emergency Zone's CREE Tactical Flashlight provides extremely bright light, thanks to its CREE LED technology, while only using 3 AAA batteries for power.
  • Multiple LIghting Features: A bright flashlight is great, but sometimes you need more. This is why our Emergency Zone CREE LED Tactical Flashlight our different lighting functions: strobe, "SOS", bright, and dim. The Zoom function is what allows these changes. It gives you the control over the width and intensity of light while lightly taping the power button provides you with strobe, "SOS", bright, and dim functions.
  • Weight: 7.2 oz (with batteries in)
  • Length: 6.5 inches
  • Functions: Bright, Dim, Strobe, "SOS"

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